Feature complete - sociology 101

It has been 2 years of desperate work on creating this baby we have called a feature film called Pickings. We have finally completed principal photography and are moving onto post production. I'll be the first to say that this audaciously ambitious journey has been bittersweet. The production crew and cast who we have all come to love and hate will be missed. We will all find new jobs , new crews , and new casts to work with . This experience will become a distant memory in our brains. We shared many meals , many stories, many frustrations, and better yet many joys with one another. Our fearless director ,Usher Morgan , had so many hurdles to get through budget wise , story wise , morality wise, this was one project that really MATURED each and other one of us. It was more or a less a filmmaking bootcamp for every one of us . No matter the skill level . experience level, or commitment level we all truly walked away having learned something about ourselves and about each other in this creative filmmaking experience. 

'Tis the season for savings

Happy Monday!

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New Year New Challenges

Happy New Year to all of our fellow creative individuals out there. Cleverchimp Productions is doing bigger and bolder things year.  This year's focus is narrative story telling. We have been hard at work creating narrative stories to add amazing visuals to in order to capture our audiences. Short form was last years big challenge and we are ready to move into a new ray of light.  A huge project for us to finish this year is Louis Obioha's The.Art.Tokyo.. Louis has been working diligently on the project to finish the days of production on the project This is a project he has invested a lot into and as in high hopes of its grand completion and distribution through out Japan and America. Outside of the documentary realm we also have 2 in house scripts in the works and will be partnering with other companies to create 2 films by the end of February. Stay Tuned.